About us

My name is Marije Neef-Wiegman and I am a mother of two children. Sven (2005) is a bonus I got when René & I got into a relationship and Isabelle (2017) completed the family.

Sleepyhead (Slaapkopje) originated from my love for sleeping. The idea arose after the birth of Isabelle. Sleeping suddenly became a luxury, the time I could spend on this became increasingly scarce.

For Slaapkopje we went looking for exclusive, unique, comfortable and above all sleep-inducing products that were not yet sold in the Netherlands. And we found it! The collection consists of super soft pyjamas, swaddles, blankets, duvets, pillows, swimwear and sleeping bags from organic cotton and bamboo from Paris, London, Gloucestershire, Copenhagen, Talinn and San Francisco.

Everything for relaxing restful nights and a happy family life !!

With love,

Marije Neef

owner Slaapkopje.nl